Hi, it's Michal,
"pseudo-maintainer" of this project.
The vision is to allow developers start with
decent defaults with a single copy-paste.
  (as seen on TV, no install required)
Too busy with life, universe and everything...

PS. I specialise in Angular and sometimes
I use these boilerplates for quick demos...

html shell

You should check out the astralship project.
We own a chapel in the North Wales (beautiful nature),
it's only 3h15m on the train from London.
••• We are on a mission to heal the planet •••
regenerative ecosystems and systematic change.
Creating space for flow state and peak performance.
If you are on this page - you are probably a developer -
Come and join us - here is website.
Much love, many thanks for all the support!

Include IE Conditional HTML Tag?

Include X-UA-Compatible Meta Tag?

Include Viewport Meta Tag?

Include Common Meta Tags?

Include Favorites Icon?

Include Google Web Fonts?

Include CSS Stylesheet?

Include Google Analytics?

Include jQuery?

Include AngularJS?

Include Dojo Toolkit?

Include MooTools?

Include Prototype?

Include Modernizr?

Include Autorun Javascript?
<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
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